Chris In A Box

What Is Chris In A Box?

Everything You Have Ever Wanted

Hey there Everybody!

If you are like me there is probably a lot that you want, and I think that is great! We are taught that desiring things is wrong or sinful. But I believe having desires is the reason we are here. We are here to create our own reality.

A few years ago I was stuck. I was trying to grow my YouTube Channel but nothing was working. I tried everything you can possibly think of to get it to grow.

You've Been Focusing on the wrong thing

The problem is I was always focused on the symptom, not the problem. If I wanted money I focused on making money. If I wanted Subscribers I focused on getting subscribers. If I wanted love I focused on getting love.

These are symptoms.

There is An Easier Way

Changing your inner world can get you everything you want in your outer world. A simple change in focus is all you need.

This is why I have created Chris in a box. Many have asked me for life coaching but I believe you already have what you need to make the changes in your life.

What Is Chris In A Box?

Chris in a box is a 10-day course that will cover 2 main topics. The course will begin on April 11th and end on April 22nd. You will have access to the videos forever. Side note if you purchase after the 22nd you will have access to all the videos immediately.

Chris in a box is a toolbox for your life. Not a crutch like some of the traditional life coaching methods. Each day will teach you a new technique that I used to greatly improve the quality of my life and get unstuck.

It doesn't matter if you are stuck in love, stuck in money or stuck in the mud Chris in the box will help.

What Is Included In Chris In A Box?

Chris in a Box is a breakdown of 10 of the best Life-changing tools I have personally used to not only get unstuck and grow my YouTube channel but to completely transform my life in a short period of time.

Week One includes:

  • What does building a house have to do with your life?
  • A little black book that will change your life
  • The Hidden Answers on your cell phone
  • and much more

Week Two:

Week two's focus will be on curating your own reality. We will be talking about what curating your reality means in the first place, and how to do it? and solutions for dealing with things that try to get in the way.

This is just some of what we will cover over the 10 days of Chris In A Box.

I can't guarantee that Chris in a box will help you get EVERYTHING you want but I can guarantee that it will get you on the correct path.

Meet Your Teacher

Chris Reck is the head Minnow at Minnow Pond Tarot. A YouTube Channel with more than 600k subscribers that is dedicated to providing weekly and monthly guidance to all followers.